ARLinks System



Last Update:  12/10/2017
Please send changes to Steve Hicks, W5NLR.

Click here for a complete AR Links System diagram and coverage maps, provided by AC5XV.

443.200+ 114.8 N5CG Shinall Mountain CAUHF
EchoLink 215632
IRLP 7492
444.700+ 114.8 N5CG Towbin VA – NLR Full Time Linked Repeater
443.600+ 114.8 N5CG  Magnet Cove  Temporarily Off the Air
443.500+ 136.5 W5BXJ Malvern (downtown) Full Time Linked Repeater
 443.600+  N5CG Congo Road Water Tower, Benton AR  DMR Repeater NEW  On-the-air Nov 1, 2017
145.490- 114.8 N5CG Shinall Mountain Full Time Linked Repeater Split Repeater
Receiver:  Shinall Mtn
Xmitter:  LR Midtown
146.640- 131.8 N5CG Benton Hwy 88 Water Tower Full Time Linked Repeater  Down for Repairs 01/01/16
146.745- 107.2 W5BTM Bradford Full Time Linked Repeater
147.030+ 110.9 W5AUU Conway Full Time Linked Repeater use 110.9 for ARLinks, use 114.8 for Local
145.330- 114.8 N5CG Morrilton Full Time Linked Repeater
146.775- 162.2 N5CG Shinall Mountain Stand Alone Repeater
444.850+ 114.8 N5CG Ark School for the Blind Stand Alone Repeater
443.000+ 100.0 N5CG Markham & University, LR Stand Alone Repeater
W5RHS System
147.120+ 131.8 W5RHS Haskell W5RHS System  Full Time AR Links
146.805- 131.8 W5RHS Benton W5RHS System  Stand Alone Repeater
444.675+ 114.8 W5RHS Arkadelphia NEW W5RHS System  Full Time AR Links
442.425- 114.8 K5SWT Pine Bluff (west) W5RHS System  Temporarily Offline
444.800+ 131.8 W5RHS Benton
Ark Health Center
W5RHS System  Full Time AR Links
N5QLC System
443.900+ 114.8 N5QLC Sherwood Linked to W5RHS System N5QLC System
147.255+ 114.8 N1RQ Sherwood Independent Repeater N5QLC System
K5NSX Natural State Experimenters
442.650+ N/A K5NSX Shinall Mountain DMR Repeater
145.170- N/A K5NSX Shinall Mountain D-STAR Repeater RPT1: K5NSX  C
Diamond State Digital Network
N/A N5DSD Little Rock VA Hospital D-STAR Repeater RPT1: N5DSD C
444.0125+ N/A N5DSD Little Rock VA Hospital D-STAR Repeater RPT1: N5DSD B
NW Arkansas Repeater Group (NWARG)
442.900+ N/A W5NWA Harrison DMR Repeater Color Code 1
Talk Group  ID 2
Slot 2 for DMR Local
444.150+ 103.5 W5NWA Ridgeway NWARG System Echolink 639520
443.050+ 103.5 W5NWA Marshall FUTURE Link to AR Links System Echolink 639520
444.725+ 103.5 W5NWA Omaha NWARG System Echolink 639520
147.450 SIMPLEX 103.5 W5NWA Harrison NWARG System Echolink 639520
147.550 SIMPLEX 100.0 W5NWA Ridgeway NWARG System Echolink 639520
Other CAUHF Group Partners
145.350- 151.4 N5XMZ Mt. Magazine Linkable Repeater Logan County
443.250+ 123.0 N5XMZ Mt. Magazine Linkable Repeater Logan County
 147.045+  No Tone  W5WRA  Imboden Links to AR Links System for Nets and Severe Weather  Lawrence Co ARC
 442.400+ 94.8  W5WRA  Imboden  Lawrence Co ARC
Other Popular Non-Affiliated Repeaters
145.130- 114.8 N5AT Baptist Hospital ARES Club Repeater
Faulkner County Amateur Radio Club
146.970- 114.8 W5AUU Conway OES FCARC
145.210- 114.8 W5AUU Conway FCARC
146.625- 114.8 W5AUU Greenbrier FCARC
147.030+ 110.9 W5AAU Conway Linked to CAUHF 443.200 use 110.9 for ARLinks, use 114.8 for Local
444.100+ 114.8 W5AUU Wolverton Mtn FCARC
443.525+ 114.8 W5AAU Conway FCARC – Linked to 145.210
443.800+ 114.8 W5AUU Conway FCARC – Linked to 146.970
147.150+ 85.4 W5STR Coy STARS Club  PL on Transmit & Receive
145.410- 85.4 NL7RQ Cabot STARS Club
442.475+ 114.8 NL7RQ Cabot STARS Club  Echolink 507018
Arkansas River Valley and Western Arkansas Repeaters
145.450- No Tone KC5WNU White Oak Mtn.(Hector) Also called Jerusalem
 145.390-  107.2  W5VUB  Crow Mountain
146.685- 141.3 WD5B Lake Dardanelle  Full Time AR Links
146.820- 131.8 K5PXP Mt. Nebo (Yell Co.) ARVARF Club Repeater (Solar Powered) Russellville 2-Meter Wide Coverage
147.000- No Tone WB5UKW Danville Mtn. Danville, Yell Co.
147.050+ No Tone K5OO Cazort Knob Solar Powered Repeater Ozone, Johnson Co.
147.210+ No Tone WA5YHN Ola Water Tower Ola, Yell Co.
442.625+ No Tone KC5LVW Clarksville Johnson County, North of Clarksville
443.400+ 131.8 K5PXP Mt. Nebo (Yell Co.) ARVARF Club Repeater Russellville
Mt. Magazine Amateur Radio Club
147.090+ 151.4 W5MAG Logan Co. Mt. Magazine ARC