Our New Baby!

We are so proud of our new baby!  It’s a girl.  (Well, we’re really not sure.)

Kenwood TK-850K Commercial UHF Repeater

Our new Kenwood TK-850K Commercial UHF Repeater on Shinall Mtn, 443.200

We’re talking about our new UHF repeater on Shinall Mountain, installed October 24, 2015.  It’s a Kenwood Commercial, model TKR-850K and it set us back a pretty penny–more like 118,500 pennies.  That’s right, with tax, it cost us $1185.30 but it was a good buy, a wise investment and it’s an incredible machine.  It is a self-contained, rack mounted unit and provides 100 watts out!  In 2013, we replaced the antenna and feedline on KARK’s tower, so the new repeater completes the project and gives us an enviable system.  It replaces our ancient, cobbled together, 443.200 machine that was hand crafted from two Motorola GM300’s (taxi radios) and held together with zip ties and duct tape. (Really!)  Talk about an UPGRADE!

Let us pause to thank our chief engineer, Joel Echols, N5QLC and our club president, Randy Wright, AE5RW, for their many hours of tedious labor to build and install the incredible system you see in the photo.  In the same rack, you can see our stand alone 146.775 VHF repeater, our 145.490 VHF input and also our link radios.  The repeaters, link radios and remote base are controlled by one RLC Systems controller.

Now, all we have to do is pay for our new baby.  We were fortunate to have enough cash on hand to pay for it up front, but our bank account took a big hit.  We need to raise a little cash right now to replenish our bank account and be prepared for the next repeater, antenna or feedline disaster.  “It’s always something” as the saying goes.  Lightning is not our friend.

Thanks to those who have already donated to the “New 443.200 Repeater Fund”.  No donation is too small or too large.  Every little bit helps.

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Main Repeaters

AR Links System
443.200 (114.8) – LIttle Rock
145.490 (114.8) – Little Rock
444.700 (114.8) – North Little Rock
443.600 (DMR) – Arkansas School for the Blind NEW
444.675 (114.8) – Arkadelphia
443.500 (136.5) – Malvern
145.330 (114.8) – Morrilton
146.685 (141.3) – Dardanelle (Russellville)
146.745 (107.2) – Bradford

Stand Alone

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