Our 145.490 VHF Repeater Has Been Relocated

Our 145.490 VHF Repeater Split Location;  Shinall Mountain/Midtown

kark_buildingAt long last, the CAUHF Group’s flagship VHF repeater 145.490 (114.8 PL) on Shinall Mountain is back on the air at full power, 100 watts out!  It has long been our full-time VHF input to our statewide ARLinks System.  This machine is linked full time to 443.200 in Little Rock, 444.700 in North Little Rock and all of our other Statewide repeaters belonging to the CAUHF Group and to all of our partners.  Those of you who have VHF-only mobile radios in your vehicle can now join in and be part of the chatter on the ARLinks System.  Meanwhile, our 146.775 (162.2) wide area repeater has been returned to “stand alone status”.

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