Save Your Money

Christmas is just around the corner.  It’s the season for giving!  But, don’t spend money you don’t have, buying presents you can’t afford, for people who do not need them.

Instead, be sure to save $20.00 for your 2015 membership dues.  Your club needs your dues to help maintain our repeater system and meet the other minimal expenses of the club.  Repairing an antenna, feedline, repeater controller–or hiring a professional tower climber can cost hundreds of dollars.  In addition to your $20.00 annual membership dues, we also accept additional donations of any size, at any time during the year.  If you want to know our bank balance at any time, just ask our secretary-treasurer!  It’s not a secret.

Membership CertificateAll memberships and membership dues expire on December 31, 2014, regardless of when you joined in 2014.  The “Free Membership Drive” we began in January, was a huge success;  we added a lot of new members this year.  If you joined the CAUHF Group in 2014 and were given a free first-year membership, just remember us when January 1st rolls around and renew that membership with your check for $20.00.  (You can renew early if you would like–before the Christmas holidays). Long time members are also reminded to renew in January.  In 2015, we will once again have those nice membership certificates for everyone who pays their dues during the first quarter–but you have to attend a meeting to pick up your certificate.

“Ask not what your club can do for you–but instead, ask what you can do for your club”.
–Steven, W5NLR – Vice President of The CAUHF Group

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Main Repeaters

AR Links System
443.200 (114.8) – LIttle Rock
145.490 (114.8) – Little Rock
444.700 (114.8) – North Little Rock
443.600 (DMR) – Benton NEW
444.675 (114.8) – Arkadelphia NEW
443.500 (136.5) – Malvern NEW
145.330 (114.8) – Morrilton
146.685 (141.3) – Dardanelle (Russellville)
146.745 (107.2) – Bradford

Stand Alone
444.850 (114.8) – Little Rock, Downtown

For a complete list, click on the AR Links tab above.

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