August Meeting

August 4th, 2014 Meeting
President, Faulkner County Amateur Radio Club (FCARC)

pat_AE5NWWe were honored to have Pat Thomas, AE5NW, come and speak to us about the Faulkner County Amateur Radio Club and all of their activities and projects.  Pat showed photos from their 2014 Field Day which was held INDOORS at the Faulkner County Road Department Training Facility.  This location is also home to the Faulkner County Office of Emergency Management (OEM).  The sweltering heat, rain and thunderstorms had no effect on their Field Day activities.  We think they had the right idea!  Pat also talked about their impressive repeater system and explained how the link works between their 147.030 repeater in Conway and our ARLINKS System.  Let’s try to get more QSOs going between our members and the great folks at FCARC.  Pat cordially invited all CAUHF Group members to check-in to their FCARC Net every Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. on their 146.970 main repeater with a 114.8 tone.

Also be reminded that the ARLinks System is linked full time to their secondary repeater which is 147.030 with a 114.8 tone.  If you talk direct to this repeater, you must switch to a 110.9 tone in order to be heard over the ARLinks System.  Remember 114.8 for Conway local or 110.9 to connect to ARLinks.

FCARC also has an excellent web page–go check it out at

At the end, we held a $1 raffle for a new Baofeng dual-band, hand-held radio, a 100 piece Craftsman screwdriver and drill bit set, a 16GB USB flash drive by PNY and a Monster surge protector.


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Also, if you have not donated to the recent purchase of our new DMR repeater, 443.600, please do so as this was a major expenditure for the CAUHF Group.  It is now fully operational.

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Main Repeaters

AR Links System
443.200 (114.8) – LIttle Rock
145.490 (114.8) – Little Rock
444.700 (114.8) – North Little Rock
443.600 (DMR) – Benton NEW
147.120 (131.8) – Haskell
444.675 (114.8) – Arkadelphia NEW
443.500 (136.5) – Malvern NEW
145.330 (114.8) – Morrilton
146.685 (141.3) – Dardanelle (Russellville)
146.745 (107.2) – Bradford
146.640 (131.8) – Benton OFFLINE

Stand Alone
146.775 (162.2) – Little Rock, Shinall
444.850 (114.8) – Little Rock, Downtown
443.000 (100.0) – Little Rock,
Markham & University BACK ONLINE

For a complete list, click on the AR Links tab above.

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